UKCPA publishes Climate Emergency Declaration

12, May 2021 News

We are proud to announce the publication of our Climate Emergency Declaration, following suit from major health organisations such as the British Medical Association, Royal College of Physicians and Royal College of Nursing, as well as a growing number of NHS Trusts.

The declaration outlines a commitment of UKCPA to promoting environmental sustainability, incorporating sustainability into our future policies and corporate decisions, and educating our members on climate health and sustainability.

  1. We recognise the danger of the climate crisis and its catastrophic effect on human health

  2. We are committed as an organisation to combatting this crisis and promoting environmental sustainability

  3. We have no investments in fossil fuels or other environmentally harmful products, and we commit to never developing them

  4. We commit to actively investigating a move to an ethical bank, starting with moving our savings account

  5. We will incorporate sustainability into all future policies and corporate decisions

  6. We commit to educating our members on climate health and sustainability

  7. We will commit to appointing an Environment & Sustainability Advisor to sit on the UKCPA Advisory Panel

As part of our commitment we are delighted to announce that we have appointed Tracy Lyons, Pharmacy Sustainability Lead at Poole Hospital, as our Environment & Sustainability Advisor, to ensure we uphold our commitments and continually improve on ways in which we can help to combat the environmental crisis.

Tracy Lyons said “The UKCPA should be incredibly proud to put the organisation on the right side of history. I am honoured to be the UKCPA Environmental & Sustainability Advisor, and am delighted to help in any way I can. There’s a wealth of work going in the UK so we have plenty to look at.”

Dr Sarah Carter, CEO of UKCPA, says “We believe that we are the first pharmacy organisation to publish a climate emergency declaration. We are committed to doing all we can as an organisation to implement and promote environmental sustainability. Tracy Lyons, as our Environmental & Sustainability Advisor, will be instrumental in helping us to achieve this.”