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Conditions of Membership

Welcome to UKCPA! We try to make our membership application process as pain-free as possible, but there are some things we need to tell you about.

  • We currently accept online card payments via Stripe, payment by Paypal or payment by annual Direct Debit. The UKCPA uses GoCardless to collect and process payments by Direct Debit. We do not issue invoices or accept postal orders or cheques.
  • Please be advised that membership onboarding can take up to 7 days.
  • Because we pride ourselves in providing a safe space for our members to talk openly about their practice and profession, we need to ensure that all our members are who they say they are. In order to do this, we use an identity verification check performed by Credas. All information you provide is stored on secure servers, all communication between the app and the servers is carried out over secure connections, and all data is encrypted. This check also enables us to meet Anti-Money Laundering legislation. Identify verification acts as a safeguard, helping to prevent identity theft and fraudulent payments.
  • Once you have completed the UKCPA registration form and paid your membership subscription fee, you will be sent a unique link to complete the Credas process. Your UKCPA membership benefits will not be activated until your subscription fee has been paid in full and the Credas process has been completed.
  • UKCPA membership fees are non refundable.
  • You will be sent a reminder when your membership is due for renewal.
  • You will receive email updates, information and newsletters direct from UKCPA and the member forums.
  • You must opt in to receive communications from UKCPA. This includes UKCPA news, event information and other relevant information that we may need to send to you from time to time. It also includes access to the online forums.
  • If you have taken advantage of our free membership for students and trainee pharmacists, please note that once qualified, your complimentary membership will revert to that of a qualified pharmacist member at the prevailing membership fee. After your initial discounted year of membership as a newly qualified pharmacist, the full membership fee will be applicable thereafter at the prevailing membership rate.

Completing the membership application process constitutes acceptance by you of these Conditions of Membership. 

We’re here to help, so if you need more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Guidelines for the use of the online forums

  • The UKCPA forums are a fantastic way to learn and share expertise with other like-minded clinical professionals. It’s a great support network, an information hub, and a place to meet others. 
  • All the forums are categorised by topics. Please try to post your questions or messages in the most appropriate forum. Messages posted in the wrong topic area and duplicated messages may be moved or removed.
  • Try searching the forum before you create a thread. Your question may have already been asked and answered. 
  • If you are posting a question, try to ensure that you are clear about the information you require, and that you include enough detail for other members to help you. 
  • If someone gives you advice, please thank them. It can be demoralising to provide an answer to a question but hear no response.
  • If you take someone’s advice or if you come to a solution on your own, please post an update. Someone else may benefit. 
  • The forums are also useful for sharing best practice and useful information. We encourage members to share documents and upload them to the pinned ‘share documents here’ file at the top of each forum.
  • Please try to respond to questions as well as post them. You don’t have to be an expert to engage in the conversation; it’s always encouraging to hear others describe their experiences, even if they don’t have the answer. 
  • We encourage our members to keep all advice, discussions and sharing of documents within the forums. This not only helps others who may have the same question, but we are unable to support and moderate information being provided or requested via personal message or email.
  • We expect all our members to remain professional and respectful of other members at all times. 
  • Please avoid the advertising or promotion of non-UKCPA events or irrelevant information. If you wish to promote a non-UKCPA event, please contact the UKCPA office who will be able to facilitate it being added to our External Events webpage. An external event is any event not included in the UKCPA event calendar.
  • Please don’t post copyright-infringing material.
  • Please don’t post offensive posts, links or images. 
  • Please try to ask your question in the most appropriate forum. Cross posting means that many members will receive duplicate notices in their inbox of your one message. Terms and conditions 
  • When posting in the UKCPA forums, you agree that the administrators and the moderators have the right to modify, delete, edit or close any post, signature, account, or profile data at any time that they see fit. 
  • All advice from UKCPA members is to be used at your own risk and together with your own professional judgment. By using any of the advice or information provided within the forums, you give up the right to hold UK Clinical Pharmacy Association Limited liable for any damages. 
  • We request your vigilance to keep patients and our members safe. If you read something that is incorrect and could cause harm, or if a post needs moderator attention, please report it immediately to the UKCPA office.

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