Our governance

The UKCPA is managed on behalf of its members through the General Committee. Representatives of the Education Groups are invited to attend General Committee meetings.

General Committee

The UKCPA General Committee is responsible for the strategic management and direction of UKCPA. It is held accountable for all that is done in the Association’s name. The General Committee is strategic, focusing mainly on the following years but also monitoring progress in the current year. General Committee members are elected from the membership following an agreed process determined by the Constitution. The UKCPA Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer are elected from the General Committee membership.

Ann Page

Day job: Workforce Governance Lead – Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Professional interests: Education & training, Alcohol and opioid withdrawal, Emergency medicine Being part of UKCPA General Committee… “gives me the opportunity to contribute to an organisation that has, throughout my career, allowed me to access the education, networking and professional support I need to be an effective practitioner.”

Mark Borthwick
Immediate Past Chair

Day job: Consultant Pharmacist, Critical Care – John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust Professional interests: Critical Care, Delirium, Education & Training

Dr Mark Tomlin

Day job: Consultant Pharmacist in Critical Care – Southampton General Hospital Professional interests: Nutrition, Pharmacokinetics, Haemofiltration, Colloids

Ruth Bednall
Committee Member

Day job: Pharmacy Team Leader, Medicine – Royal Stoke University Hospital, University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust Professional interests: Acute and Emergency Medicine, Delivery of pharmaceutical care services, Resourcing and deploying staff, Demonstrating value for money and patient impact Being part of UKCPA General Committee… “allows me to give something back to the organisation that has supported my professional development over the last 20 years. I hope to share the good pharmacy practice demonstrated in Staffordshire and improve this further through being part of this national professional development team.”

Islam Elkonaissi
Committee Member

Day job: Specialist Clinical Pharmacist – Pilgrim Hospital, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust Professional interests: Paediatrics & Neonates, Neurosciences, Research Being part of UKCPA General Committee… “is an enormous sense of privilege. Through various positions and responsibilities I have gathered the opinions of healthcare professionals on possible improvements in the delivery of clinical pharmacy services in the UK. The UKCPA will provide me with the platform to action these ideas and suggestions by developing workable plans with clear targets.”

David Gibson
Committee Member

Day job: Lead Clinical Pharmacist – Darlington Memorial Hospital, County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust Professional interests: Acute medicine, Venous thromboembolism, Alcohol withdrawal, poisoning and overdose. Being part of UKCPA General Committee… “I want to be able to support other pharmacists to discover how UKCPA can help them to become the high quality professionals that patients and the NHS need.”

Deborah Layton
Committee Member

Day job: Principal Research Fellow – Drug Safety Research Unit Professional interests: Pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance, Risk management, Observational research methods Being part of UKCPA General Committee… “offers a new opportunity to influence the direction and continued growth of pharmacists engagement within medication risk management and safety surveillance.”

Mohamed Rahman
Committee Member

Day job: Assistant Head of Pharmacy – Clinical Services Lead, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust Professional interests: Leadership, Strategic development of clinical pharmacy services

Alan Timmins
Committee Member

Day job: Principal Clinical Pharmacist – NHS Fife Professional interests: Critical Care, IV Therapy Being part of UKCPA General Committee… “will allow me to put something back into an organisation that has helped me for over 25 years.”

Richard Wysocki
Committee Member

Day job: Medical Affairs Director – hameln pharmaceuticals ltd Professional interests: Pharmacovigilance, Palliative Care, Safer labelling of medicines Being part of UKCPA General Committee… “will allow me to look forward to contributing to the committee role and to being responsive to the needs of UKCPA, its members and clinical pharmacy throughout the UK.”

Our Executive Team

The UKCPA office is the operational arm of the Association. The General Manager and the General Secretary also sit on the Business Management Group, which acts on behalf of the General Committee on a more regular basis and also includes the Chair, Vice-Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Treasurer and a Trustee.

Marie Matthews
General Manager

Day job: General Manager – UKCPA Professional interests: Event management & sponsorship, Marketing, Business management, Human resources

Dr Sarah Carter
General Secretary

Day job: General Secretary – UKCPA Professional interests: Public health, Behaviour change, Organisational effectiveness

Our Trustees

Our Trustees ensure that the Association follows robust governance processes, oversee the health of the Association and ensure that the principles outlined in its Constitution are adhered to.

Paul Evans
Chair of Trustees: Retired



Professor Ian Bates

Day job: Professor of Pharmacy Education – UCL School of Pharmacy



Richard Cattell

Day job: Director of Pharmacy and Associate Director of Medicines Optimisation – Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust  



Dr Gillian Hawksworth MBE

Day job: Senior Lecturer – University of Huddersfield  



Philip Howard

Day job: Consultant Pharmacist in Antimicrobials – Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust



Duncan McRobbie

Day job: Associate Chief Pharmacist – Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust