Widening opportunities for leadership roles

13, Dec 2022 UKCPA Updates

By Sarah Carter, CEO of UKCPA

In late 2019, UKCPA changed its legal status and as a result, its governance structure. The new legal status as a company limited by guarantee means that we now require a Board of Directors and we used this as an opportunity to review the size and effectiveness of our highest strategic committee.

We reduced the size, introduced specific responsibilities and terms of reference for each Director role, and implemented a finite length of term.

We took the same approach with our specialist Committees – specific roles and areas of responsibility and outlined the description of each role.

Instead of elections which were required for our previous strategic committee, we now advertise our Director roles, as well as any vacancies on specialist Committee roles, to the whole UKCPA membership and invite applications. These roles are promoted through our website, through email communications and through our social media channels. Roles are advertised with clear responsibilities and terms as well as the skills we are seeking in the applicants. For Director roles, we have convened a dedicated panel to review applications. Specialist committee roles are reviewed by the existing committees.

We hoped that this new process would increase transparency and inclusiveness, and widen our reach to members who may not have engaged with the association at a strategic level before.

We have found that this new process has increased engagement and we have seen more applications than ever before to all our strategic and committee roles. Anecdotally, we have received applications from further afield geographically and from practitioners working in a wider range of settings.