Invitation to comment on consultations currently open

14, Nov 2019 UKCPA Updates

Please find below list of consultations (NICE and other bodies) relevant to pharmacy, which have been assessed by the RPS and UKCPA and are currently inviting comments.  NICE deadline date 14/02/2020  DHSC deadline date 17/02/2020  FSRH deadline date 23/02/2020  NICE deadline date 06/03/2020  NHS England deadline date 22/03/2020 Welsh Government deadline date 20/04/2020 Scottish Government deadline date 30/04/2020

Service Standards for Consultations in Sexual and Reproductive Health Services. Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health deadline 09/02/2020

RPS ref 4657 Consultation on the draft 2020 fees rules The consultation seeks views on whether the fees paid by pharmacy owners should cover the full costs of regulating pharmacy premises. The proposed increase aims to close the existing gap of £103 between the fees paid by pharmacies and the actual costs of regulating each pharmacy, based on 2018/19 figures. GPhC deadline 31/03/2020

RPS ref 4655 A Consultation on the Draft Respiratory Care Action Plan for Scotland The purpose of the draft Respiratory Care Action Plan is to highlight the Scottish Government’s vision for driving improvement in the diagnosis, care, treatment and support of people living with respiratory conditions in Scotland. This draft Plan identifies key priorities and commitments. It is intended to support continuous improvement and encourage people to test new approaches and to share best practice. It is not intended as a replacement of current clinical guidance. Scottish Government deadline 03/04/2020

RPS Ref 4633 Remote consultations and prescribing by telephone, video-link or online: Call for evidence The GMC has issued a call for evidence from organisations and individuals with relevant expertise to share their experiences, views, data and insights about remote consultations and prescribing via telephone, video-link or online. This is to maintain patient safety and the GMC is looking at their Good practice in remote prescribing to ensure that it allows patient access to medicines without compromising safety. GMC deadline 18/02/2020

Should you wish to comment on any of the above, please send your response at least 1 WEEK prior the deadline date given above to Sarah Carter ( This will ensure that all responses can be collated, endorsed by the RPS where appropriate, and submitted to the relevant consulting body by their deadline.