Automation of sample preparation

6, Jan 2022 External Event

Date: 07 April 2022

Venue: Virtual event

Organised by: Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group

Overview: In recent years, most of the innovation seen in the pharmaceutical analysis arena has been on the instrumentation used for measurement and the analysis and interpretation of the data generated. At the same time the molecules coming out of discovery chemistry (often with poor solubility and / or bioavailability), are requiring formulators to develop sample matrices that are becoming increasingly complicated – including but not limited to amorphous solid dispersions, holt-melt extrudates and extended-release formulations. Extraction from these types of samples can be extremely challenging in terms of efficiency, reproducibility, cost, and transferability. This JPAG symposium will discuss some of the challenges in the topic of sample preparation and provide examples of potential solutions in the form of innovative instrumentation, automation, and the application of existing methodology to inform and educate the audience about advances in sample preparation.

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