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JoMO-UKCPA Joint Meeting – Medicines Optimisation in Cardiovascular Medicine

Developed by: UKCPA and Journal of Medicines Optimisation


30 - 01, Oct 2020



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The joint JoMO-UKCPA Conference on CV Medicines Optimisation is this year going to be delivered digitally on Wednesday 30 September and Thursday 1 October 2020.

With an agenda that has been created by the UKCPA Cardiovascular Education Group this meeting will be continuing the quality of previous years and will look to investigate learnings for pharmacy from COVID-19 in Cardiovascular disease and related conditions.

The event is taking place via the latest digital technology which has already been utilised very successfully by Pharmacy Management for other events.

To view the agendas, please visit the weblinks below:-

For information about day one, taking place on 30 September, please see here: https://www.pharman.co.uk/events/2020/9/jomo-ukcpa-joint-meeting-medicines-optimisation-in-cardiovascular-medicine-2

For information about day two, taking place on 01 October, please see here: https://www.pharman.co.uk/events/2020/10/jomo-ukcpa-joint-meeting-medicines-optimisation-in-cardiovascular-medicine-2-1

Places for NHS Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are without charge and can be accessed by registering at one of the weblinks detailed above.

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Pharmacy Management are looking after the bookings for these days.  Please visit their website to book your place: https://www.pharman.co.uk/events

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact Katie Fraser (Senior Executive Assistant to Chairman, Pharmacy Management) at katie.fraser@pharman.co.uk