Accredited training

In April 2016 we received double accreditation from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), the peak professional body for pharmacists in Great Britain.

The assurance of quality

We are accredited by the RPS as a Foundation Training Provider and a Faculty Training Provider. This means that the RPS have, via an independent assessment panel, quality assured our education and training events, our internal quality assurance systems, and our governance processes.

The accreditation assures all practitioners that our education events are of the highest quality and are delivered by credible expert speakers and tutors.

A Royal Pharmaceutical Society Affiliated Partner

We are a Royal Pharmaceutical Society Affiliated Partner, reflecting our shared missions, functions and values for the professional pharmacy workforce.

Together with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and other Affiliated Partners we have committed to work together on our shared goals:

  • Education provision including quality assured training development for career pathways
  • Development and stewardship of professional curricula and educational best practice
  • Ensuring professional recognition of individuals which leads to the enhancement of pharmaceutical care services
  • Frameworks for professional development.