Our mission & vision

Our vision is to continue to foster and support excellence in clinical pharmacy practice in order for practitioners to provide outstanding patient care.

Our mission statement

The UKCPA promotes expert practice in medicines management for the benefit of patients, the public and members by establishing standards, workforce development and advancing innovation in all health care settings. The UKCPA encourages excellence, leadership and partnership

Vision: Our aspirations

  • Our strength is our members – the experts in clinical pharmacy. Growing our membership not only increases our strength as an association, but also allows that outstanding resource of expertise to share its knowledge and experience with a wider audience, and promote expert practice.
  • We want pharmacy practitioners to be proud to be a UKCPA member, to be loyal, to have a mutually beneficial relationship with the association. We want members to aspire to be involved in UKCPA activities, committees and projects: for it to reflect their expertise and commitment to the profession.
  • We will maintain and enhance our professional reputation in all areas of the organisation in order to be respected, valued and esteemed by the healthcare community. We want our members to be recognised as experts in the use of medicines by colleagues in medical, nursing and allied health professional disciplines. We also want our members to be in a position to work with and influence national strategies for the treatment of acute and long term health conditions.
  • We will work towards establishing best practice standards for quality in all areas of clinical pharmacy in order to ensure safe, effective and efficient patient care.
  • We will encourage our members to strive for excellence. We will provide professional development support through education and training events, tools and frameworks and by providing access to expertise.
  • We will strive to deliver high quality, highly respected, relevant and inspirational educational and training events.
  • We will advance healthcare innovation by supporting and encouraging research, and by celebrating the successes and achievements of our members.
  • We will encourage advanced practice by creating and maintaining mechanisms for practitioner-to-practitioner mentoring and networking within our membership.
  • We will encourage leadership in our members and as an Association. Leaders learn from experience and from role models: the leaders in our membership will be encouraged to mentor other members, and to pass on their experience and inspire others.
  • We will collaborate with others to provide a stronger, better service for our members. Working in partnership to improve our effectiveness as an organisation will provide our members with better value for money. Working in partnership to share and disseminate expertise and best practice, and to achieve common goals will benefit both practitioners and patients.
  • We will be transparent and robust in our processes and decisions in order to provide the best value services for our members. We will strive to engage with our members so that UKCPA is truly a member led organisation.
  • We will continue to develop UKCPA as a practitioner and member led organisation with the capacity and sustainability to deliver our mission and achieve our vision.