Our Committees

UKCPA has undergone a significant re-structure over the last couple of years which has seen several new committees and roles created to provide a robust and comprehensive framework of governance. 

This new structure will enable those involved in the creation of education, research and training and in delivering UKCPA’s strategies for the future to work more effectively and productively for the benefit of its members and the clinical pharmacy community.

Board of Directors

Made up of seven members, all of whom have been scrutinised by the Nominations Committee, The Board of Directors makes decisions on strategic and policy issues, professional issues and the overall strategic aims of the organisation. 

In addition to having financial and strategic oversight, members of the Board act as spokespeople and representatives of UKCPA to ensure the association is at the forefront of professional developments.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for reviewing applications to the Board of Directors and all other strategic and advisory committees. It has the option to invite additional individuals to provide specific expertise and advice required to consider applicants for a particular role.

Advisory Panel

Membership of the Advisory Panel is not restricted to UKCPA members or the Clinical Pharmacy profession. This gives it the flexibility to co-opt experts from any field (for example lawyers, technical experts or other healthcare professionals) as necessary. 

The panel’s remit is to offer guidance, advice and support to UKCPA within a particular subject.

Education Committee

This key committee oversees the core activities of UKCPA, managing the development, standards, planning and programming of its flagship educational offering across all the Group Committees. It sets the business plan to deliver UKCPA’s strategic goals and investigates the options and costs to implement it. 

The Education Lead and Support roles further strengthen the Committee’s structure and operation by giving the officeholders the scope to proactively lead and control activities to drive initiatives forward.

Membership Committee

This committee is focused on supporting current members and recruiting new ones into the association. Its remit is to ensure member benefits, engagement and opportunities to participate in the activities of UKCPA are regularly reviewed and remain relevant.

The committee is also responsible for overseeing the important job of influence building outside of the membership. It examines the channels, platforms and technologies that can help to amplify and disseminate UKCPA’s core messages and sets out the business plans to achieve wider influence and a stronger voice for the association.

Quality Assurance Panel

The panel is made up of individuals who share a commitment to delivering high quality education. They are responsible for developing and reviewing the quality assurance processes that are applied to all modes of UKCPA education and training. 

They are tasked with reviewing all aspects of UKCPA’s education offering from the skills and experience of authors and tutors, through to feedback from members who have participated in learning activities.  The insights they gain enable them to advise the Education Committee on the future development and delivery of UKCPA education.

Finance and Governance Committee

The Finance and Governance Committee oversee the budgeting and spending of the association. They are responsible for the overall financial position of UKCPA and ensuring the organisation makes efficient use of resources. They are also accountable to the membership, funders and other stakeholders to ensure the organisation is effectively and responsibly managed according to good governance practices.

UKCPA (Group) Committees

UKCPA (Group) Committees refers to the collection of highly engaged and committed group of volunteers that lead and deliver activities under UKCPA. These Committees are distinct from the strategic committees of UKCPA but are interrelated

These Committees play a central and significant role within UKCPA. They lead on developing education and training, production of standards, guidelines and other professional materials, and providing expertise to other national organisations. In addition, they provide views and opinions which help shape the strategies and policies of UKCPA, and they represent members’ views across specialisms, roles and sectors of practice.