About us

Excellence, leadership and partnership are key to our mission and vision for clinical pharmacy. Our educational ethos is based on sharing and learning from practitioners’ expertise and experience.

We provide opportunities for networking, collaborations, sharing best practice and inspiring innovation. Our community is both supportive and stimulating, offering our members and event delegates the opportunity to explore, learn, innovate and flourish.

Practitioner-led education and training

We provide practitioner-led education and training for the pharmacy workforce, and are accredited as a training provider by the professional body for pharmacy in Great Britain, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

All our events are developed and delivered by experienced pharmacy practitioners, who work at the leading edge of their practice area and are committed to sharing expertise to the pharmacy profession. Their knowledge and experience is shared with our members and event delegates so that they get first hand information and opinion to take back to their daily practice.

Being surrounded by experienced clinical pharmacists sharing their ideas and visions was really motivational

Our events offer a supportive learning environment focussed on specific topic areas where key speakers and expert practitioners will share their knowledge and experiences from the front line. There are always plenty of opportunities for discussions, interactions and networking.

Peer support

The support and expertise from our community isn’t just available at our learning events. Our members are able to access additional and ongoing support for their practice through our online forums.

These forums enable our members to support each other every day of the year, regardless of where they are practising. You can post a message, ask advice, respond to a query, upload a document to share, promote good practice, or share important information. There is a community of thousands of supportive practitioners available to you.


We are involved in pioneering national initiatives for pharmacy including curriculum development and professional recognition of advanced practice. Our members regularly contribute to national and international consultations, guideline development, and health policy and agenda setting. They are sought as experts by the government, professional bodies and the media to advise on aspects of pharmaceutical care.

Not for profit

As a not-for-profit organisation we don’t have shareholders, so we are able to invest all our surplus back into the association in order to provide better services and benefits for our members, and to support initiatives which improve patient care.

All our members have the opportunity to become involved in all that we do via the education group committees, the overarching General Committee and project working groups.

All the expertise in the UK available at the click of a mouse.