Invitation to comment on consultations currently open

8, Mar 2018 UKCPA Updates

Please find below list of consultations (NICE and other bodies) relevant to pharmacy, which have been assessed by the RPS and UKCPA and are currently inviting comments.

RPS ref 4245 Oesophago-gastric cancer: Topic engagement.  This quality standard will cover the diagnosis and management of oesophago-gastric cancer in adults. NICE are inviting you to tell them what you consider to be the 5 key areas for quality improvement in this area.  NICE deadline 22/03/18.

RPS ref 4246 Pancreatitis: diagnosis and management: Draft guidance consultation.  This guideline covers the identification and management of pancreatitis. It includes recommendations on pain relief, nutrition support and managing complications, including referral where needed. In addition, it aims to ensure that people get timely information once they have been diagnosed. NICE deadline 25/04/18.

RPS ref 4247 Intermediate care including reablement: Quality standard consultation.  This quality standard covers referral and assessment for intermediate care and how to deliver the service. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement. It does not cover rehabilitation for specific conditions.  NICE deadline11/04/18.  

RPS ref 4248 Eating disorders: Quality standard consultation.  This quality standard covers assessment, treatment, monitoring and care for children, young people and adults with an eating disorder. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement.  NICE deadline 09/04/18.

RPS ref 4249 Engagement Process of the Draft Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2018.  The Scottish Government is seeking views on themes and draft actions for possible inclusion in a new Suicide Prevention Action Plan aimed at continuing the downward trend in suicides in Scotland.  Scottish Government deadline 30/04/18.

RPS ref 4232 Cost effectiveness methodology for vaccination programmes.  The Department of Health and Social Care are consulting on the recommendations in the Cost-Effectiveness Methodology for Vaccination Programmes & Procurement (CEMIPP) report. It is a complex and technical report. This consultation is primarily aimed at specialists with an interest in health economics although responses from other interested parties are welcome. Department of Health and Social Care deadline 21/05/2018.

RPS ref 4231 Draft Autism (Wales) Bill.  The Autism (Wales) Draft Bill has been published. National Assembly for Wales are seeking views on the draft Bill and what it is seeking to achieve. National Assembly for Wales deadline 17/04/2018.

RPS ref 4230 Preventing suicide in community and custodial settings: Draft guidance consultation.  This guideline covers ways to reduce deaths by suicide and help people bereaved or affected by suicides. This includes families and emergency responders, who may as a result be at risk of harming themselves. It looks at measures that can be used in places where suicide is more likely, and at ways to identify and help people at risk. It also covers how local services can best work together and what plans and training they need to put in place.  NICE deadline 12/04/2018.

RPS ref 4228 Data-sharing MoU between NHS Digital and Home Office: call for evidence.  Public Health England are seeking views on the impact of data-sharing arrangements under the memorandum of understanding on the health and healthcare-seeking behaviour of migrants. Public Health England deadline 30/03/2018.

RPS ref 4226 Respiratory Taskforce – call for evidence.  The taskforce for Lung Health has opened a call for evidence to identify what needs to change in how we prevent, diagnose and treat lung disease. In this first stage they are looking for evidence linked to the prevention and diagnosis of lung disease. The Taskforce for Lung Health deadline 30/03/2018.

RPS ref 4225 Social Work England: consultation on secondary legislative framework.  The Children and Social Work Act 2017 sets out the broad legal framework for Social Work England, but much of the detail of the legal framework is to be set out in regulations. This consultation seeks views on the policy underpinning those regulations, which cover the full range of Social Work England’s regulatory functions.  Department for Education deadline 21/03/2018.

RPS ref 4224 All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity’s inquiry.  The aim of this inquiry is to gather a body of evidence which highlights the current landscape for obesity services, shines a spotlight on barriers to better provision and seeks to establish a consensus around potential solutions.  All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity deadline 30/03/2018.

RPS ref  4222 Our next phase of regulation: consultation 3, independent healthcare.  CQC are planning to develop the way they regulate independent healthcare services. They are asking for views on their proposals.  CQC deadline 23/03/2018.

RPS ref 4213 Health institution exemption for IVDR/MDR.  MHRA is developing guidance for health institutions wishing to apply the exemption to the new in vitro diagnostic medical device regulation (2017/746) and the new medical device regulation (2017/745).  A questionnaire has been produced to capture comments on the draft guidance.  MHRA deadline 31/03/2018.


Should you wish to comment on any of the above, please send your response at least 1 WEEK prior the deadline date given above to Sarah Carter ( This will ensure that all responses can be collated, endorsed by the RPS where appropriate, and submitted to the relevant consulting body by their deadline.