Invitation to comment on consultations currently open

14, Apr 2019 UKCPA Updates

Please find below list of consultations (NICE and other bodies) relevant to pharmacy, which have been assessed by the RPS and UKCPA and are currently inviting comments.

RPS ref 4566 Falls and Fracture Prevention Strategy for Scotland, 2019-2024. The Scottish Government is looking for comments on their draft strategy on the harm from falls and fear of falling, and how it affects a large number of people having a significant impact on wellbeing and can prevent people from experiencing healthy aging. They want the strategy to reflect views of people who experience​ falls and fragility fractures as well as those involved in improving care and support to prevent and manage harm from falls. Scottish Government deadline 12/08/2019 

RPS ref 4565 Heavy menstrual bleeding (QS update) – topic engagement. NICE is asking for comments on the five key areas for quality improvement which would be considered as having the greatest potential to improve the​ quality of care in the area on heavy menstrual bleeding. NICE deadline 31/07/2019

RPS ref 4564 Welsh Government Draft Budget Proposals 2020-21. The National Assembly for Wales is seeking feedback on the Welsh Government’s 2020-21 draft budget proposals​. The proposal includes budgets for health and social services.​​ National Assembly for Wales deadline 25/09/2019

RPS ref 4563 How should we engage and involve patients and the public in our work. The MHRA is reviewing their approach as to how they engage and involve patients in the work of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).​ They want to hear from patients, patient group representatives, carers and healthcare professionals​.​ MHRA deadline 07/08/2019 

RPS ref 4562 Lung cancer (update). NICE is asking for comments on the draft quality standard update for lung cancer. This covers diagnosing and managing lung cancer in adults. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement. NICE deadline 23/08/2019

RPS ref 4561 Consultation on the data and analytics statement of intent. NICE is consulting on their data and analytics statement of intent. This outlines how they are looking to broaden the sources of data they use to develop guidance and evaluate its effect, for example using ‘real world data’ such as electronic health records, audits, registries and surveys. NICE deadline 13/09/2019

RPS ref 4560 Vaccine uptake in the general population – draft scope consultation. NICE are requesting comments on the scope of this guideline – what it will and will not cover. This guideline will update and replace the NICE guideline on immunisations: reducing differences in uptake in under 19s, and will also be used to develop the NICE quality standard for vaccine uptake in the general population.​ NICE deadline 05/08/2019 

RPS ref 4556 Substance misuse delivery plan 2019 to 2022. The Welsh Government is consulting on proposals on the prevention and reduction​ of substance misuse in Wales. The proposals include:
1. responding to associated mental health problems
​2. improving partnership working with housing and homelessness services
3. ensuring that prisons have a coordinated service for those with substance misuse problems 
4. providing further support for families and carers of people who misuse substances
5. improving access to services 
6. tackling dependence on prescription-only and over-the-counter medicines

Welsh Government deadline 09/08/2019

RPS ref 4555 Indoor air quality at home. NICE is asking for comments on this draft guideline, which covers indoor air quality in residential buildings. It explains how to reduce indoor air pollution. Strategies include controlling indoor pollution sources, ensuring good ventilation and achieving effective property maintenance. It also includes raising awareness of the importance of good air quality in people’s homes and how to achieve this. ​NICE deadline 09/08/2019

RPS ref 4554 Digital-first Primary Care: Policy consultation on patient registration, funding and contracting rules. NHS England and NHS Improvement​ are looking for comments on how to progress digital innovations to make it easier for people to access medical services. The NHS Long Term Plan commits that every patient will have the right to be offered digital-first primary care by 2023/24​. This consultation​ looks at how this may be made possible. NHS England and NHS Improvement deadline 23/08/2019

RPS ref 4553 Diverticular disease: diagnosis and management. NICE is asking for comments on this draft guideline, which covers the diagnosis and management of diverticular disease in people aged 18 years and over. It includes symptoms and signs of diverticular disease, diagnosing acute diverticulitis, and managing complications of complicated acute diverticulitis. It also covers information and advice for people with the disease. NICE deadline 09/08/2019

RPS ref 4552 Leg ulcer infection: antimicrobial prescribing. NICE is asking for comments on this draft guideline, which​ sets out an antimicrobial prescribing strategy for leg ulcer infection in adults. It aims to optimise antibiotic use and reduce antibiotic resistance. The recommendations in this guideline are for the use of antibiotics to manage leg ulcer infection in adults. It does not cover diagnosis or the general management of leg ulcers.​ NICE deadline 27/07/2019

RPS ref 4551 GPhC launches survey about education and training of pharmacy support staff. The GPhC is asking for views on its draft education and training requirements for pharmacy support staff. Support staff play an important role within the pharmacy team. The GPhC​ has updated its requirements for the education and training of support staff to make sure they continue to have the necessary knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to provide safe and effective care to people using pharmacy services. GPhC deadline 24/07/2019 

RPS ref 4550 Health and Social Care (Quality and Engagement) (Wales) Bill. The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee is undertaking an inquiry into the general principles of the Health and Social Care (Quality and Engagement) (Wales) Bill.​ This is looking at:​

1. Placing quality considerations at the heart of all the NHS in Wales
2. Strengthening the voice of citizens across health and social services
3. Placing a duty of candour on NHS organisations, and
4. Strengthening the governance arrangements for NHS Trusts.

National Assembly for Wales deadline 02/08/2019 

RPS ref 4548 Adding folic acid to flour. The DHSC, Welsh Government, Scottish Government and Department of Health (Northern Ireland) are asking for comments on the proposal for it to be mandatory for flour millers to add folic acid to flour. This would raise people’s levels of the vitamin folate, which is particularly significant for women who could become pregnant – raising folate levels would help reduce the number of babies born with defects of the brain, spine or spinal cord. 
This is a proposed change that would be UK wide. DHSC deadline 09/09/2019

RPS ref 4546 Children’s Cancer Services. NHS England is seeking views on proposed changes to children’s cancer services. These are used by children aged between 0 and 16. In some cases, and with the agreement of Teenage and Young Adult’s Cancer Services, they may also treat teenagers up to the age of 18.
The aim of the service specifications is to improve the outcomes and experience of children and young people with cancer. NHS England deadline 05/08/2019

RPS ref 4545 Teenager and Young Adults Cancer Services. NHS England is seeking views on proposed changes to teenager and young adult’s cancer services. These are used by teenagers and young people aged between 16 up to the day before their 25th birthday. In some cases, and with the agreement of Children’s Cancer Services, they may also treat teenagers from the age of 13.
The aim of the service specifications is to improve the outcomes and experience of teenagers and young adults with cancer. NHS England deadline 05/08/2019 

RPS ref 4539 Consultation on the application of Analytical Quality by Design (AQbD) principles to pharmacopoeial standards for medicines. This consultation looks at how Analytical Quality by Design (AQbD) principles may be applied to pharmacopoeial standards in collaboration with industry experts. The MHRA is asking for comments on the application of AQbD principles to pharmacopoeial standards. MHRA deadline 31/08/2019


Should you wish to comment on any of the above, please send your response at least 1 WEEK prior the deadline date given above to Sarah Carter ( This will ensure that all responses can be collated, endorsed by the RPS where appropriate, and submitted to the relevant consulting body by their deadline.