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Education & Development workshop

Developed by: UKCPA Education & Development Group and Pharmacy Management


02, Oct 2018


Radisson Blu Portman Hotel
22 Portman Square

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Member Price: Free
Non-Member Price: Free

RPS Accredited Training Provider

Upskill yourself to support your team with our free Education and Development workshops.

Developed and facilitated by the UKCPA Education & Development Group, the workshops will be interactive and will (intriguingly) involve playdough, nails, blindfolds and foam balls.

  • Coaching and mentoring (Speaker: Tom Phillips, Lead Trainer, Pharmacy Management)
    • The similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring
    • The key principles of coaching and mentoring
    • When to coach and when to mentor
    • How to use the GROW model, the most successful coaching and mentoring model in the world.

  • Developing learning in the workplace (Speaker: Tom Phillips, Lead Trainer, Pharmacy Management)
    • How to structure learning using the 4MAT and EDIT systems. Both of these can be used for either short teaching session, such as bedside learning or more lengthy teaching, training and development programmes.

  • Giving and receiving feedback (Speaker: Tom Phillips, Lead Trainer, Pharmacy Management)
    • How feedback is an integral part of coaching and mentoring
    • How to give short, on the spot feedback to recognise positive and developmental feedback using the B.I.O. and F.B.I. feedback models
    • How to have more in-depth feedback conversations that allow the recipient to analyse their own performance and identify areas of strength and areas for development using the BOOST feedback model
    • Typical responses to feedback and how to handle them.


Additional information

The event is free for NHS Pharmacists.

For more details please visit the Pharmacy Management website: https://buff.ly/2z4kJgY 

Booking Information

Bookings for this event will be taken by Pharmacy Management. 

To book, please click here: www.pharman.co.uk/events/2018/10/jomo-ukcpa-medicines-optimisation-meeting-cardiovascular-2