Our strategies & objectives

Each year we reflect on our achievements, but we also start to shape our vision for the future.

Market research during 2015 enabled us to start planning for our future, and scoping out what we might have to do in order to achieve our vision. Over the next 12 months we hope to see development in two key areas of the association.

Development of National Training Programmes

Our key strategic workstream from 2015 onwards is to design, develop and deliver National Training Programmes. Working with other Royal Pharmaceutical Society Affiliated Partners, National Training Programmes (NTPs) will address pharmacy clinical training needs from post-foundation through advanced levels of career development up to Consultant (or equivalent) level. They will have clearly described assessments and credentials and will have clear mapping to professional knowledge bases (curricula) already developed by the RPS Affiliated Partners.

National Training Programmes will replace the current ad hoc informal and opportunistic approach to training and career progression with a structured, integrated, accredited and quality assured training provision infrastructure to meet the needs of post-foundation pharmacy practitioners.

The National Training Programmes will capture knowledge, skills and behaviours through training events (knowledge and skills) and practice experience (skills and behaviours). The programmes will be clinically oriented with a subject or speciality focus. Practitioners can gain experience in multiple areas, leading to advanced generalism, or can follow a more defined career pathways towards a specialist career.

National Training Programmes will replace the current ad hoc informal and opportunistic approach to training and career progression with a structured, integrated, accredited and quality assured training infrastructure.

A blended learning approach will be applied, with reading and web-based contact before and after face-to-face training events and workplace education delivery models. Training events will be coordinated to focus on the clinical application of knowledge and pre-learning will ensure more time for discussion and application of learning. For the integral experiential elements, practitioners will be encouraged to implement their learning at work using evidence-based tools and support. In time, local Trusts and employers can provide accredited training placements, with a quality assurance and training specification.

The clinical training programmes will be relevant and appropriate for all sectors. The bulk of the profession are working within the scope of advanced generalism and a broad scope of knowledge is essential in order to deliver community and primary care services. Additionally, practitioners working in the hospital sector must maintain their broad knowledge as well as their specialist knowledge in order to deliver seven-day services.

Accredited credentials or certificates, quality assured by the RPS Affiliated Partners, will be earned by practitioners who have completed assessments linked to each component of the programme. The RPS Faculty will recognise the overall stage at which one is practicing in any area, and movement through the programme elements will clearly be complementary to career development using the Advanced Pharmacy Framework. Completion of National Training Programme components can contribute towards this Faculty development.

Brand development

Since 2015 we have been reviewing our branding, communications, member services, and operational processes and structures to enable us to expand our membership and event offering and develop stronger and more relevant communications and messaging.

We aim to create a brand which reflects an intelligent, inclusive community of clinical pharmacy professionals. We would like to make UKCPA more understood, not just what we stand for, but also what we have to offer and how we can help clinically focused pharmacists grow and succeed in their chosen profession.

The Brand Development project will include the development of the public facing area of the website and an upgrade of the forum services we provide to members. Pharmacists will come to our website and will be able to understand exactly what is offered to them.